Self Managed Super

Hassos provides specialist advice to business owners, individuals, financials planners and other advisors on all matters relating to superannuation. Our team has extensive experience in all aspects of superannuation to ensure that our clients comply with the complex legislation in this sector, and that they have a secure future.

Accounting, Compliance and Administration

Accounting and compliance has been part of the Hassos service offering for many years. Our staff is proficient with record keeping, fund accounts and the preparation of tax returns.

Our practice also has an alliance with a number of independent auditors to ensure that compliance is of the highest level.

At Hassos we are able to deliver the following self-managed superannuation services:

  • Capped fee structure including the administration of pensions, the preparation of financial statements, tax returns and co-ordination of the annual audit
  • Correspondence with the Australian Taxation Office on various issues
  • Taking care of paperwork and calculations in relation to the commencement and maintenance of pensions
  • Preparation of trustees’ minutes in relation to certain annual events
  • Preparation of year-end financial statements for your SMSF
  • Preparation of and lodging the fund’s annual income tax and regulatory returns
  • Preparation of an annual actuarial certificate
  • Coordination of the annual independent audit of your SMSF.

Structure and Support

Structure and strategy is an area that ASIC has been focusing on in order to ensure that those giving advice have the required SMSF qualifications and certification.

Superannuation Law has in many ways become more cumbersome than income tax law. As a result of this and because of ASIC’s requirements, we have ensured that all our superannuation advice is professional and fully compliant.

Please contact us to learn more about what you can do with your super.

Support for Trustees

We are dedicated to supporting Trustees in decisions they need to make on their SMSF including:

  • Advice on setting up and winding up a SMSF
  • Contributions into the fund, including assistance with rollovers and other contributions
  • How to receive benefits from the fund, including assistance with establishing pensions or making lump sum withdrawals
  • Dealing with major events such as the death or removal of a member and/or trustee.
  • Tax advice on various SMSF strategies, including pensions and limited recourse borrowing to purchase property
  • Limited recourse borrowing arrangements to purchase an SMSF property
  • We can advise and monitor the amount you can contribute at any time (dependent on the limits and classification of contribution), including bringing forward non-concessional contributions (including advising and monitoring on when you can next contribute)
  • How to utilise a re-contribution strategy or in-specie contributions i.e. relating to share transfers from an individual into a superannuation fund
  • Ensuring the fund remains compliant and in line with ever-changing legislative requirements
  • Re-valuing all investments at year end in line in terms of market value, including reviewing various demergers, takeovers and possible CGT events that will have a significant impact on the shareholdings and unit values of the funds investment
  • Maximising contributions in a particular year utilising contribution reserves
  • Addressing excess contribution issues
  • Potential to utilise your SMSF in a property development
  • Setting up multiple and reversionary pensions
  • Incorporating Estate Planning into your SMSF.
Self Managed Super
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